Synext Lite Tablets 60 (4 For $319)

Synext Lite Tablets 60 (4 For $319)


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Synext Lite new formula contains ingredients which can supplement NAD+ precursors and remove senescent cells, and are able to further strengthen the key rate-limiting enzyme, NAMPT, in the NAD+ recycling pathway by multiple mechanisms. The activation of NAMPT can sustain healthy NAD+ levels by significantly enhancing the conversion and recycling of NAD+ in the body, therefore producing greater benefits than single NAD+ precursor, which can only temporarily raise NAD+ levels.

Directions: Synext Lite can be started to take after taking Synext for 3-6 months, 1-2 tablets a time and 1-2 times a day. Synext focuses on raising NAD+ rapidly, with less emphasize on enhancing NAD+ recycling in the body. Synext Lite focuses on boosting the NAD+ recycling in the body in order to sustain the healthy NAD+ levels. Synext Lite is appropriate to be used to maintain the NAD+ levels when the NAD+ levels in the body are already in healthy range.


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